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Contact Information

Cresko Office:

Institute of Ecology and Evolution
University of Oregon
312 Pacific Hall
Eugene, OR 97403

phone: (541) 346-4779
fax: (541) 346-2364

Cresko Laboratory:

324 Pacific Hall
phone: (541) 346-5189

Prospective Students:

If you are interested in joining the Cresko Lab as a graduate student, please read our recent papers and then email Dr. Cresko at the above address.

Cresko Laboratory, Center for Ecology and Evolution at the University of Oregon
News Brief

September 2017 - Martin Stervander joins the Cresko Lab!

January 2017 - Kristin Alligood successfully defends Ph.D.

January 2017 - Allison Fuiten is awarded a DDIG from the NSF. See Lab News for more.

December 2016 - Gulf Pipefish genome paper published.

November 2016 - Bill Cresko elected AAAS Fellow.

April / July 2016 - Cresko Lab members receive six conference awards for posters or talks. See Lab News for more.

January / February 2016 - Susan Bassham appears in a short documentary and a more in-depth interview relating to the lab's recently published Middleton Island work. See Lab News or the link below for more.

December 2015 - "Evolution of stickleback in 50 years on earthquake-uplifted islands" paper published.

Lab News